Your team will feel the difference from day one


At Youna International we realise you are committed to providing quality and affordable benefits plans for your members, but no organisation is immune to the cost challenges posed by growing medical costs worldwide.

From adjudication, administration, and financial operations to member support and integrated analytics – we help you manage your total investment with new technology.

Youna International is the hub which connects insurance companies, policyholders and health care providers.



Our TPA services include

Youna International has grown with the industry to offer strategic, sophisticated approaches to manage your medical benefits, while maintaining emphasis on outstanding service and attention to the unique needs of everyone.

  • Claims adjudication and payment.

  • Medical case management.

  • Claims receipt and submission.

  • Online web portal interface.

  • Network access.

  • Full back office support and service.

  • Cost containment tools.

  • Customer service hotline support.

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Giving your employees easy access to healthcare worldwide

Driven by our mission to facilitate access to medical services to your members, our team’s focus is to create the best conditions and effortless procedures when facing health issues.

Flexible medical network

our medical network is designed to answer any medical needs you or your dependents may have : general practitioners, specialists, hospitals, private clinics, medical centers, dentists and pharmacies;

The relation between your members and the medical providers being crucial; through your health benefits policy; Youna offers you the possibility to design your own medical network.


Youna Covercard

We understand the need to minimize the administration and financial burdens at the time of medical necessity.

Our Youna Cover card will give cashless access to your members to all our medical partners, for Inpatient, Outpatient treatment, but also pharmacies and dental care.

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Claims management

How we better control your cost

Because we are here to defend your interest, and to make sure your health plans remind financially viable on the long term, we bring together human local knowledge and last technologies to manage your funds in the most efficient way possible.

To achieve this, we believe that a strong knowledge of the local medical environment (legal aspects, pricing , medical practices, etc…) is crucial.  Therefore, our strategy is to be close to our members, to our medical providers, through our local agencies.

Our teams are mainly composed by locals and are all trained by local recognized medical associations.

  • Claims screening (we make sure that the rates match with local legislation)

  • Medical second opinion

  • Rates negotiation

  • Creation of packages

  • Fraud protection strategies


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