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Our experts are dedicated to assist you in evaluating, designing and implementing a customized international health benefits plans, all over the globe.

Our client groups consist of government bodies, including Ministries, consulates, diplomatic missions, embassies, international organizations, NGOs, and universities around the world.

These core values are the cornerstone of our mission, and our commitment to deliver our promises to you, because your health is our priority.

Who do we serve ?


As a large multinational, you have the convenience of sourcing and managing a number of key employee benefits from a single point of contact. This reduces your administrative burden during the implementation and transition of a new corporate international health insurance group scheme, and at renewal time.

NGOs, IGOs and Governmental Organisations

We have over 5 years experience looking after the health and wellness needs of IGOs, NGOs and Governmental Organisations. Depending on each organisation’s specific needs, we can either provide cover for a range of insurance risks, arrange administration services only, or offer insurance and administration together.

We recognize the complex internal and external challenges that some IGOs face and the need for a fully transparent approach when it comes to reporting. We have significant experience of supporting active as well as non-active staff and their families. Plus we are equipped to provide full support to NGOs whose staff are often active in remote regions with little or no medical infrastructure, or in regions recently affected by natural disasters or other crises that require emergency relief.

International Schools

Diplomats plan

The Diplomat Protect plans were created to suit the needs of consulates, embassies and attaché offices. The Core plans include a comprehensive selection of in-patient benefits, such as hospital accommodation, surgery, emergency treatment, as well as Employee Assistance Programme and Security Services.


We provide


  • Assist in aligning employee benefits goals and objectives to overall organizational goals and objectives.
  • Participate in Senior Administration strategy review sessions.
  • Development and monitoring of strategic action plans and associated timelines.
  • Coordination with your team, Youna, and external service provider resources during strategy development and implementation.
  • Actuarial tools and risk evaluations.


Utilize claims experience, financial reports, and your HR team’s experience, to better understand the current situation:

  • Identifying the different groups and subgroups, the population to cover, their needs, and the issues faced during the last 3 years (by group, country, gender and conditions.).
  • Claims categorized by size (segregate large claimants).
  • Provide information on benefit trends and government requirements.
  • Legal Analysis on your current insurer’s and competitor’s compliance in the areas of interest.
  • Review provider’s data and claims analysis and provide additional commentary and benchmarking.
  • Perform claims projections in anticipation of renewal validation.
  • Monitor large claim data and coordinate with outside stop loss.
  • Review current provider’s network’s strategy and identify points of improvements according to your needs.
  • Organize claims auditing.


  • Provide analysis of existing plans, suggest modifications, structure new plans according to your needs, provide cost estimates, and support recommendations to administration.
  • Provide recommendations and guidance related to Health Care Reform impacts.
  • Provide information on benefit trends and government requirements.


  • Creation of RFQ document.
  • Analyze provided information, due diligence work, and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Create a more dedicated network within the insurer’s network.
  • Request new medical providers according to the population’s. needs.

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