Expatriate Checklist

Moving to a new country means a bucket-load of things to worry about – which is why we have prepared a checklist to help you prepare and make sure that nothing is forgotten before your big move!.

3 Months Before You Leave

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of your departure
Register yourself and your family members at the mission or embassy of your new resident city
Medical check up: keep any medical exam results or scans, as well as the names of your usual prescriptions.
Tell the authorities why you’re leaving:

  • Pension

  • Tax office

  • Health care

1 Month Before You Leave

Cancel your subscriptions and contracts:

  • Phone

  • Television

  • Insurance

  • Memberships (gym, club, etc)

  • Credit cards

  • Other: ________________

Get your mail forwarded by a post service
Check your pension, some countries allow you to take it out before the age of retirement.
Close your bank account if you’re moving permanently to your new destination, or designate someone to the power of attorney to look after your account
Get your documents translated by a sworn translator if they’re not in your new country's local language (English, French, Italian or German for Switzerland. Click here for a list of sworn translators).
Get quote from international movers to get the best price if you’re shipping furniture or luggage.

Switzerland Only - Bringing pets into Switzerland

  1. Get vaccinations for rabies.

  2. Do a medical checkup, which can come in handy if your pet is over 7 years old and need insurance.

  3. Buy a health insurance plan for your pet.

  4. Buy a space on the place for your pet (for small animals: usually about 100$ USD for the space by your feet).

Get more details here for Swiss regulations on bringing your pet.

Right Before You Go

Bring a copy of:

  • your passport and keep it separate from your passport, in case of theft or loss

  • your birth certificate (translated into English)

  • diplomas and certificates

  • your work contract, if you already have one

Bring some money for the country of your destination. At least the equivalent of 100$ USD is a good idea.
Check the local weather of your destination and bring appropriate clothing on board
Learn the emergency numbers of your country of destination (for Switzerland).

Prepare your luggage (don’t forget to grab your favorite snacks/book for the flight!)
Make sure your liquid bottles are under 100 ml for the carry-on and they all fit into a standard sealable plastic bag.